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History of the flat iron – over 100 years old

Did you know that the hair straightener has been around for over 100 years? This is shocking to most people simply because most people have only recently heard of the hair straightener. What you need to know about the hair straightener is that it kept that sole name for most of the century until people started referring to it as a flat iron and hair iron.

flat iron

Something that most people do not know is that in 1906 the flat iron was patented but the way it looked was quite a bit different than the way it looks now. The reason it looked different is because it was only 7 metallic teeth that were combed through your hair as opposed to being pressed together using hot plates. It wasn’t until 3 years later that an inventory messed around with the hair straightener and figure out a better way to get better results.

Another thing that a lot of people don’t know about the hair straightener is that it wasn’t until the year 2000 that it started to be really modified to a point where you could do much more with it. Now days you can curl, flip, create waves, and even twist your hair with the same tool. What makes the flat iron so important to most people is that it gives them the opportunity to modify their hair without having to go to a hair salon and get their hair professionally done. This is very important to know because most people will end up saving hundreds of dollars every hear just by styling their hair on their own.

The last thing you need to know about the hair iron is that it has made many advancements in order to get to where it is today. It has gone from a hair straightener with 7 metallic teeth to two metal plates clamping down on your hair. From there it has gone ever further, from an aluminum hot plate all the way to ionic hot plates. The history of the flat iron is very important to know because without this knowledge you would think that the way the flat iron is now was the way it has always been when in reality it has not been like that. Just remember that the way the flat iron looks and works today is going to be different in another 10 years or so and that is why you can’t just settle for the way it is.

Take your time and learn how to select a flat iron for your needs

The best flat irons cannot be easily identified by a quick glance. For this, you have to spare some time to know its qualities and features that can pave way for healthy and beautiful styling.

select a Hair Straightening

An expert quality apparatus are available from but it’d be unquestionably worth the cash spent when you are going to think of the result that was excellent after styling. While saving some dollars on a quality tool that is poor will result in the entire damage so you are given a consequence that is irreparable.

Flat irons are constantly warmed to alter design of the hair and the existing feel. For those who haven’t prepared your hair to resist the damages and for those who haven’t followed the styling directions correctly, you’ll need to confront lots of hair issues after styling. It is possible to burn your hair severely, if your hair isn’t protected in the heat damage. There are two ways where it is possible to defend your hair from the device’s heat. One through the use of a flat iron is shielded tourmaline or ceramic plates and other is by shielding your hair with great heat shielding merchandises. The quality of both the heat and the hair straightener shielding products are significant for the protection. You could be deceived with an imitation ceramic stick with a thin layer.

Which is the best flat iron for natural hair?

1. Remington S9500 flat iron

Remington S9500 flat iron

With over 15 times more ceramic than other ceramic hair flatteners, it’s the best ceramic hair flattener you can have. The appliance uses advanced pearl ceramic technology that offers a smooth salon finish. It has a high heat degree of 450 degree salon with an automatic switch off. The product reaches the top heat quickly. The Remington S9500 has pearl plates that provide more than eight times smoother glide than other iron flats. Its precise digital controls enable for a quick and smooth straightening in just minutes.

“It saves my time; it is digital and easier to operate. I had to buy the appliance after it constantly appeared among the list of the best. I was hesitating at first since the price looked costly. After buying the appliance, it is worth every single penny I spent on it. It’s durable and saves the cost of replacing a new iron flat every time.” – F. Hilton

2. HerStyler classic flat iron

HerStyler classic flat iron

It has been said that its plates last longer than other iron flats and reduce exposing your hair to heat. The appliance has adjustable temperature range which allows for users to set their preferred temperature. The product uses ceramic technology that it does not only straighten your hair but also revitalizes your hair up to three times smoother than other hair flatteners. It has a smooth flattening motion that doesn’t cut or pull your hair. With an ultra-weight, it’s portable and easy to use.

“Its extra-ordinary features are worth every extra pretty penny I spent to acquire the device. My thick hair did not do well with low heat setting but since purchasing the device, my hair is always sleek and smooth. I have 100% satisfaction in the product.” – Celine J.

How to Create Curls with a Curling Iron

Want more volume and personality in your hair but you have pin straight locks? It doesn’t matter, if you have a curling iron in your styling tool collection, you’ll be able to create natural looking curls in no time. There are many traditional ways to make curls and volume, but they can take hours and require more effort and patience. With a curling iron you can quickly make a perfect curl and the results will last a lot longer. If you’re constantly in a hurry, a curling iron is ideal, one that uses high quality heating elements to speed up the styling process and keep your hair protected from heat damage.

Create Curl

Now, here’s a method to help you create fabulous curls:

  1. Apply some volumizing spray to just-washed hair, concentrating on the roots and massaging the product in gently. If your hair is on the thick side, add some balsam and gently massage it in. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb so that the product is evenly distributed over your locks.
  2. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Never attempt to curl wet hair, you can cause damage this way. Alternate the warm air of the hair dryer with cold air.
  3. Divide your hair into sections, pinning up two of them. The thickness of each lock of hair to be curled will define the type of curl: thicker strands mean bigger curls, thinner ones make smaller curls.
  4. Take a lock of hair and wrap it around the curling iron, holding it there for about 5 to 10 seconds. If you have a spring curling iron, clamp the ends of the lock with the clip and rotate the iron upwards, holding the hair around the barrel for 5 to 10 seconds. Release the curl.
  5. Pin up the newly made curl so that it can hold better. Next, repeat the previous step with the rest of your hair. Once you’ve finished, let down the pinned curls as soon as they’ve cooled.
  6. To give your curls a more natural appearance, comb them through with your fingers gently to separate them. Then add a light holding spray to retain the style. Don’t use too much holding spray, it can make the curls stiff and crackly. If you wish, add a shine serum for increased gloss.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage the perfect result the first time, with practice you’ll soon be able to style like a pro!